Music that touches your heart ...

Fills up your soul with joy & peace!

Gives your souls wings to fly....




Everything is possible for the one who believes. Peter was able to walk on the water, because he put all his trust in the Lord Jesus and he got courage. In moving forward and looking upon Jesus new things are going to happen! Leave old ways and take the new ones. walking together with him side by side and on his hand everything is possible. Sometimes it`s important to leave the old pattern of thinking behind, and to reveal the old thought fortresses that try to keep you in slavery. To give up to him the fully he can bring you to his rest!

Jesus loves you!

He cares for your life!

He knows your heart better than you do!

Never loose your courage and your hope!

Choose life for that you might live!

Where the Holy Spirit is there is freedom!

Christ is our rightousness! His fully sacrifice on the cross is enough for everybody who trusts and believes in Him ! We are saved by His grace!His new covenant makes us to coheirs! We now can say Abba dear father to God!

You are God`s beloved child!

Trust in the Lord Jesus with all your heart, all your soul and mind!

Hold on to him, he is the best that ever can happen to you! Lay your heart in his hand!



In heaven someone's missing! You walk your own way! In heaven someone's missing! It’s you my friend today! In heaven something’s missing! It's you, the way you are! I wish you were here my little star! I wish you were here in my arms!

And you`re going nowhere! On a road - No way out!

It's a road to nowhere ! At the end - No way out!

Still you have enough time - So reach out for me!

I save you from hell - Come back to me!

In heaven someone's missing! I love you through and through! In heaven someone's missing! I want to make you new! In heaven something’s missing It's you, the way you are! I wish you were mine my little star! I wish you’d return, in my arms!

In heaven someone's missing! It's you my friend today! In heaven someone's missing! Turn back to me and stay! In heaven something’s missing! It’s you, the way you are! I love you my little star! I love you, you’re in my heart!

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